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Cleaning Rates

Boat Wash and Vacuum (Wash exterior and chamois dry. Vacuum cockpit and main cabin area only. Clean windshield and wipe down entire helm and cockpit area. *Additional charges may apply for stains embedded in gel coat):
    Up to and including 22 ft. $125.00
    22 ft. - 25 ft. $155.00
    25 ft. - 27 ft. $185.00
    27 ft. - 29 ft. $215.00
    30 ft. - 33 ft. $240.00
    Over 33 ft. Call for estimate

Boat Wax (Applies 1 coat of marine wax to sides and top of boat. Transom and boat bottom are excluded. Extra charges may apply for heavily oxidized boats):
    Up to and including 8 ft. beam $10.50 per foot
    Over 8.5 ft. to 9.5 ft. beam $12.50 per foot
    Over 9.5 ft. to 11 ft. beam $15.50 per foot
    Over 11 ft. beam $17.50 per foot

Bottom Paint (Includes full prep of light scraping, sanding, wiping down, taping of water line and applying one coat of antifouling bottom paint. All materials included. Non-painted boats are priced on a per boat basis):
  Up to and including 9 ft. beam $17.00 per foot
  9 ft. to 11 ft. beam $21.00 per foot
  Over 11 ft. beam $23.00 per foot

Dockside Lift Fee (Place boat in water. Will place boat in slip upon request):
    23 ft. and under $4.00 per foot
    24 ft. - 26 ft. $6.00 per foot
    26 ft. - 29 ft. $7.00 per foot
    30 ft. and over $8.00 per foot
    Jet Ski / Waverunner $60.00

Crane Lift Fee (Place boat in water using crane. Will place boat in slip upon request):
    All boats $15.00 per foot

Trailer Fee (Take boat or waverunner off standard axle trailer):
    22 ft. and under $35.00
    23 ft. - 25 ft. $55.00
    26 ft. - 29 ft. $75.00
    30 ft. and over $90.00
    Transport trailer Quoted per boat

Gel Coat Repair (Minor repairs to gel coat are quoted on a per boat basis)

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